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Core Tools specializes in Plastic Injection Molds, 3 Plate Molds, Multi Cavity Tooling, Family Molds, 3D Tooling, Hardened tooling for high production runs, Water jetting services and Prototype Tooling / jigs and fixtures.

We offer:
  • Plate Molds
  • 3 plate
  • Stack Molds
  • Single
  • Multi
  • Family Molds

Other mold features:
  • Finishes: Polish, Bead blast
  • Materials: Hardened, Pre-hardeded, Aluminum
  • Coating: Nickel – Teflon, Hard coat
  • Threads: Slides, Unscrewing core, Collapsing cores
  • Ejection: Stripper pin, Sleeve, Air
  • Gates: Hot tip, Sprue, Edge, Fan.
  • Core pulls: Mechanical, Pneumonic, Hydydraluic

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